What advantages does crowdlending have over credit cards?

How many purchases have you made so far this year with your credit card ? Are you one of those who do not stop using it until it fumes? Surely you always carry it in your wallet and use it to pay almost anything. But is the financing system that suits you best ? Do you know the advantages offered by an alternative financing system such as crowdlending ?

Credit card allows you to have a limited capital

Credit card allows you to have a limited capital

A credit card allows you to have a limited capital, with a maximum established that depends on your economic situation, your solvency and the agreement you have with the entity that offers it to you. However, through crowdlending – which works like a loan – you can request the budget that best suits the needs of your project.

The main difference between credit cards and crowdlending is that, with the cards, who puts the money at your disposal is a financial entity or a bank; on the contrary, in crowdlending the loans are peer-to-peer , that is , peer-to-peer , between people.

The independence of the crowdlending of the traditional financial entities means that you are not obliged to hire any other product of the platform, nor that you have to be linked to another entity, as is the case with credit cards and banks.

Interest that suits you


A credit card allows you to make payments with money that you don’t have in your account and postpone them for later. It is as if at any time the financial institution of your card lends you that money until you can return it. But this access to money so easy and fast entails a series of commissions and high interest rates, as is the case with credit lines.

Most of the surcharges on this type of products are produced by delays and discoveries. To avoid the accumulation of these interests, it is essential that you be prudent in spending and always keep in mind if you will be able to face the payment of your purchases when the time comes for the payment to be made.

Unlike the above, with a crowdlending loan you will always pay the same fee. With this system a personalized study of your case is made and a credit rating is established that establishes from the beginning of the operation what is the percentage of interest that best suits your situation . In addition, the absence of financial intermediaries favors the decrease in interest. You pay only what is due for your loan.

Financing to carry out a personal project


If you need financing to carry out a personal project, undoubtedly peer-to-peer alternatives such as crowdlending have many more advantages for you than traditional financing systems such as credit cards.

Surely at this point of the year you already start to consider some of the expenses that are approaching, such as Christmas holidays in that paradise destination that you have always wanted, or even have already done your good purposes for next year, how to resume your training With that master you always dreamed of doing. So keep your cards back in the wallet and opt for a faster, closer and more transparent form of financing. You deserve a crowdlending loan !

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